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Poem entitled: Farewell to My Friend

Posted in friends, poetry by Robs on July 27, 2006

I wrote this poem, and I decided to dedicate this blog to Keri Wilson. She is leaving Austin to her hometown Houston due to her new job!

Farewell to My Friend

Farewell, farewell my friend
Remember all the good times
Such happy times together
Oh how much the joy!

Farewell, farewell my friend
Remember even the bad times
We were sad together
No matter how great the pain!

Farewell, farewell my friend
Remember all the good times
We laughed together
Oh how much fun!

Farewell, farewell my friend
Remember even the bad times
We did argue together
No matter how many mistakes!

Farewell, farewell my friend
Remember both of good and bad times
We do share memories
Hope we never forget our past!

Farewell, farewell my friend
What else can I say?
I cannot believe it’s time to go
I know deep in my heart we’ll see each other again!

© 2006, Robs

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Footbridge Collapses On Gallaudet Campus

Posted in Gallaudet by Robs on July 21, 2006

Last Monday, a raised pedestrian walkway fell on the campus of Gallaudet University. A large section of the Hanson Plaza footbridge collapsed on to the road below, said Gallaudet’s public relations office, which was quick to blame the incident on a heat wave. The extreme temperature caused the bridges concrete to expand, buckle and eventually fall, said a statement.

I’m wondering does Jordan/Fernandes Administration be honest with Gallaudet Students and Deaf Community about this situation. Can that be proof if the administration did not listen? Should Gallaudet Administration address campus infrastructure problems?

First Deaf Working Oversea for US Army

Posted in article, Deaf by Robs on July 20, 2006

Marc Rubin, 28-year-old, is a UTSA (The University of Texas at San Antonio) alumnus, and he has been  declared to be the first Deaf individual to work oversea for US Army where he will be stationed in Italy as computer technician.

To read article and picture online @ UTSAToday

Marc Rubin interviewed with KENS-TV reporter Bridget Smith with the assistance of UTSA interpreter Nelda Ellerbee.

To watch video clip from KENS-TV (close-captioned)