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My friend’s poem entitled: The Protest at Gallaudet University

Posted in Gallaudet, poetry by Robs on October 19, 2006

I post a poem written by my friend Shannon Kapp. Hope you enjoy reading!

The Protest at Gallaudet University

The Protest at Gallaudet University,

Flame has been flamed,

You can feel the beat of the people,

Demanded to be heard and seen,

Yelling two demands!

That must be fulfilled.

So many of us,

We want the best of Gallaudet University!!!

Yes, we may be arrested,

Ignored, oppressed or even been lied to.

But our spirit cannot be shattered.

There are so many people

Around the world.

Supporting our protest,

From California to New York,

Even different countries,

As well as Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni

The protesters may be arrested,

But Administrators forget,

Still, because there are so many people out there supporting,

Our mascot, the Bison!

Bison is meaning of strength and unity.

We are united and expand our strength!

Unity for Gallaudet!

The Spirit lives within us,

That cannot be replaced

Or even removed.

The story lives with us in time without end.

That must be passed to generations to generations.

Representing the true colors inside of Gallaudet.

Our voices will not be erased,

Listen to one voice out there.

Unity for Gallaudet!

By Shannon Kapp
October 13, 2006

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