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Signmark: Deaf Rapper

Posted in Deaf, music by Robs on July 23, 2007

My friend mentions Marko “Signmark” Vuoriheimo, and he is a Deaf rapper from Finland. I ask my friend the question, “is Signmark a singer?”  Yeah, Signmark rhymes signs by ensuring that they have the same types of hand forms and signs. I check out Signmark’s official website and watch video clips. The sign-language music videos impress me!


European music scene has got a new star from the faraway north: SIGNMARK from Finland. This dude has got the attitude and style so unique no one can beat him! The secret of his success is Sign Language. The band is formed by Signmark, DJ sulava and MC mahtotapa. The leader figure, Signmark himself is born Deaf and sings with his hands. MC mahtotapa is a hearing singer who sings out loud the songs.

Signmark chose bass-filled hip hop as his genre, because for the Deaf bass tones are the most natural way to experience music. They don’t have to hear it. They can feel it.

The debut album consists eight songs. What makes it so special? The songs are in two forms: audio (music) and visual (videos). Music can be heard on the CD and the videos can be seen on the DVD. This way Signmark can entertain both Deaf and hearing audience! The songs are mostly in Finnish and Finnish Sign Language, but one song is completely in English, featuring the famous Finnish hip hop artist Brandon and signed in American Sign Language. For international audience it won’t be a problem to follow the music: on the DVD extra section you can find English translation for the songs!

The Finnish media has been very interested in this sensational new artist: most national TV channels have interviewed him, newspapers and magazines have published articles about him and the debut album has been praised by the reviewers. It has been chosen as The Album of the Week by the popular Finnish radio channel YleX. Also MTV Nordic has paid attention to the band. To put it simply: man, this guy is HOT!

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Source: Press release by Signmark

YouTube: Trailer: SIGNMARK DVD/CD-album

Finnish deaf rapper Signmark has released an internationally unique sign language hip hop music DVD (includes CD). The album combines music, video and sign language rhyming.

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