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Deaf character in the movie “After Image”

Posted in Deaf, movie by Robs on September 23, 2007

I bought and watched the DVD “After Image,” because I was curious to watch the deaf actress was acting in the film.  It was Terrylene.  She has appeared on television’s “Beauty and the Beast” and on-screen in “Natural Born Killers.”  Terrylene and John Mellencamp (hearing actor) communicated through American Sign Language in any conversation in this film.  I think the plot of the movie “After Image” was not bad!

DVD Release Date: August 2, 2005

Cast: John Mellencamp, Terrylene, Louise Fletcher

Director: Robert Manganelli

Producers: Arnold Rifkin, Robert Sturm

Screenwriters: Robert Manganelli, Tony Schillaci

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment

Genre: Thriller

MPAA Rating: R for violent images, nudity and some language.

Synopsis: In this shocking thriller, psychic (Laura Terrylene) falls in love with an alluring crime photographer (John Mellencamp). Soon, the pair find themselves in a dangerous hunt for a crazed killer! Will Laura’s extrasensory abilities help them to save themselves and the imminent victims, or will the risk to their lives prove to be too great?