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Coming Out as a Deaf Person

Posted in Deaf Cinema, film by Robs on July 28, 2008

This film is hilarious because in the first 30 seconds it looks like he’s about to come out as gay.  The parallels between being Deaf and being gay are so similar.  There are many parents don’t want to accept that their child is gay and there are many parents who do not want to accept that their child is Deaf.  This short film is 6 1/2 minutes long.  The plot is brilliant.

Cast: David Hay, Debbie Norman, Ilan Dwek

Director: Louis Neethling

Producer: Alison Lynch

Screenwriter: Charlie Swinbourne

Studio: Productions Ltd

Genre: Comedy

Language: British Sign Language and English, with English subtitles

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: Quirky comedy about deaf identity – a deaf teenager reveals a personal secret to his hearing mother. Why does he have ‘dirty’ magazines and videos hidden in his room? What will his father say when he finds out? The unexpected revelations question whether family life will ever be the same again.

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Source: Mutt and Jeff Pictures