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Four Deaf Yorkshiremen and the Missing Wife

Posted in Deaf Cinema, film by Robs on November 28, 2008

Cast: John Smith, Ilan Dwek, Matthew Kirby, Jonathan Reid

Director: Charlie Swinbourne

Producer: Charlie Swinbourne

Screenwriter: Charlie Swinbourne

Studio: Remark Production

Genre: Comedy

Language: British Sign Language, with English subtitles

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Synopsis: This is the brand-new sequel to the first “Four Deaf Yorkshiremen” film – and this time it’s not their families these four grumpy deaf men are arguing over, but the women they’ve loved and lost!

The stories include a first kiss behind a deaf club that goes horribly wrong, a honeymoon that turns to tragedy, and a wedding rudely interrupted…

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