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Short Thriller Detective Film “The Blue Box”

Posted in Deaf Cinema, film by Robs on February 20, 2009

Official Site:

DVD Release Date: 2008

Cast: Christina Hamilton, Kevin Pickett, Katie Leclerc, D. Lance Pickett, Sam Harris, Rachel Terry

Director: D. Lance Pickett

Producers: D. Lance Pickett, Cindy Andersen

Screenwriters: Sean Benson, D. Lance Pickett


Genre: Thriller

Language: American Sign Language, Captioned for the hearing

MPAA Rating: PC-13

Runtime: 21 min

Synopsis: Lisa (Christina Hamilton) finds herself being charged with the murder of her husband (Sam Harris). The problem: Lisa doesn’t remember becoming a widow. A detective (Lance Pickett),, doctor (Kevin Pickett), and an interpreter (Katie Leclerc) attempt to help Lisa restore her memory of her husband’s death and the Blue Box, which may contain the key to proving her innocence. The suspense of her journey of recollection may endanger her life.

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