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Signmark – Our Life

Posted in Deaf, music by Robs on March 12, 2009

Signmark, the first deaf rapper, is changing the world by rapping in sign language. He doesn’t shy away from taking a stand on human rights and tolerance.

Our Life

(featuring Brandon)

26.6. the day I was born

I learned to speak in a whole entire different form

my parents didn’t budge, the fact I couldn’t speak

instead, embraced me with care, signs they started to teach

back in my school times, life felt far from fair

kids got curious, gave me the daily stare

they couldn’t understand, why am I using my hands?

never asked for sympathy, on my two I stand

never got fed­up, always kept my head up

few times got knocked down but my pride made me get up

I couldn’t speak, but that didn’t make me weak,

I only got stronger when they ridiculed week after week


it’s about time for you to open your eyes, open your mind

it’s there for you to find, no longer time to decline

the jokes are on you, so what’s it gonna be

this is our life unheard and as you’ve never seen

as I got older, made it to the university

even though the rest doubted. No one believed in me

slowly the attitudes changed, my life is re­arranged

people no longer looked at me as I was strange

could you believe, that not until – 95

the rights of deaf man in law was not identified

but now sign language was our native tongue

so even my father could now show where he’s coming from

he used to tell me if he got caught using he’s hands

the teacher would take those hands and, give them a good “wham”

docs drilling holes in our head tryin’ to be heroes

but if you look into their eyes you can see the sign of euros

but really they don’t care

they just trying to make a profit, out of makin’ the deaf hear

(yeah)Implants and wires, let ’em know we tired

how the hell that gon’ change us and make us admired?


damn right we can’t hear, But I don’t care

we ain’t disabled here, I use sign language yeah

we got our own language yeah, Proud of that I am

we got our own culture yeah, I’m bi­cultured here

we got our own history yeah, I’m part of history

we got our own society, this is my community


This Video/Song and all rights associated with it are the property of Signmark.

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