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Website: [stormFx]

Posted in art, ASL, music by Robs on June 23, 2008

Storm gets his personal website that he shows a variety of different talents.  It includes popular video interpretations, photos-related make-up artworks, and his biography. You can find some of Storm’s information on the website at If you missed Storm’s ASL music video you gotta check it out.

New Political Cartoon by Tony McGregor

Posted in art, cartoon, Gallaudet by Robs on October 21, 2006

If Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) was alive, this is how he would view the Gallaudet situation: Unity for Gallaudet.

This is an imitation of Goya’s work. Tony L. McGregor did a similar drawing in reaction to French occupation of Spain in the early 19th century. Goya himself is deaf as well.

The Shooting of May Third 1808

Gallaudet Black Friday + Roy’s Powerful Art

Posted in art, Gallaudet by Robs on October 18, 2006

Roy Ricci painted about Jane K. Fernandes based on his expressions of his own personal experience of the event that occurred on Friday the 13th.

Credit: blueflashman