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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye DVDs

Posted in Deaf, TV by Robs on January 19, 2010

Episode Listing for DVDs
Season One

•    101/102 – Pilot
•    103 – Bombs Away
•    104 – Assassins
•    105 – A Snitch In Time
•    106 – The Signing
•    107 – Blast From The Past
•    108 – Silent Night
•    109 – Greed
•    110 – Diplomatic Immunity
•    111 – Dirty Bomb
•    112 – The Heist

Bonus Material
•    Inspirational Message from Deanne Bray
•    Special Commentary from the Show’s Creators

This 3 DVD set (11 episodes) includes the Christmas episode!
To order in the United States, go to here or type
In Canada, call 1-800-682-8748 (v)
All episodes are closed-captioned
And you can watch into your browser
them for the first time in widescreen!

If these DVDs sell well, then other episodes can be released.

FYI – these DVDs are Region 1 (USA and Canada)

Enjoy the DVDs – and spread the word!

Signmark – Smells Like Victory

Posted in Deaf, music by Robs on October 18, 2009

In August 2009, Signmark released his first single “Smells Like Victory” from his second album, which will be out in early 2010. It contains 10 tracks including videos from each song.


I know you might be pissed off right about now.

I made it and you didn’t. Gave you something to cry about. (Cry baby, you cry baby)

It ain’t no rocket science. Don’t need a microphone to rock it (We rock it, we rock it!)

It’s gonna be my year. Grab a bottle and pop it! (Yeah!)


I can you feel it in the air.

Smells like victory, and I let it stick to me.

You haters ain’t shit to me.

Can you feel it in the air? Yeah!

Smells like victory, and I let it stick to me.

You haters ain’t shit to me.

What you doing over there, there’s a party over here.

Winners over here, losers over there.

What you doing over there, there’s a party over here.

Winners over here, losers over there.


My attitude always been like, I don’t back down.

I live it up, you dream about it. I’m a winner, that’s what’s up now. (I’m a winner, winner. I’m a winner, winner)

And you can standby if you want, see you hating on the sideline. (Now, what it look like!)

Now there’s a right time for everything and homie this is my night.



Piece by piece I put the puzzle together without a pause.

I do it for my people for a good cause.

It ain’t nothing to me. I bake a cake while I’m at it.

I got a swagger of a champion and I’ve had it,

up to here with you backstabbers and you losers.

So point ’em out and kick ’em to the curve.

So loosen up, you seem a little uptight, right?

Maybe ’cause a deaf man came and stole your spotlight!


Source: Signmark Productions

This Video/Song and all rights associated with it are the property of Signmark.

Classic TV Movie “…And Your Name Is Jonah”

Posted in Deaf, film, TV by Robs on September 30, 2009

Bernard Bragg coached deaf nine-year-old Jeff Bravin in the title role

Bernard Bragg coached deaf nine-year-old Jeffrey Bravin in the title role

At the ACC ASL Lab, ASL students are required watching the movie “…And Your Name Is Jonah” for their deaf culture report.  I saw the students weeping after watching the movie. That is where I work at.  I strongly recommend anyone who doesn’t know about the deaf culture to watch this movie.  I admit that I do not watch this movie because it was not provided the closed captioning.

and your name is jonah

Release Date: January 28, 1979

Cast: James Woods, Sally Struthers, Titos Vandis, Penny Santon

Director: Richard Michaels

Writer: Michael Bortman

Studio: CBS-TV Production

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:34:58

Synopsis: Jonah (Jeffrey Bravin) is a lonely deaf child who has been misdiagnosed as retarded.  Jonah’s mother (Sally Struthers) and father (James Woods) struggle to establish communication from their withdrawn son.  As the specialists shake their heads and cluck their tongues, Jonah’s parents finally manage to teach the child sign language, thereby opening up his world both intellectually and emotionally.  And Your Name is Jonah is proof enough that Sally Struthers once had potential for greatness, and confirmation that James Woods was on the right artistic track as early as 1979.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Deanne Bray Joins NBC’s “Heroes”

Posted in Deaf, TV by Robs on September 26, 2009

Deaf actress, Deanne Bray, joins the cast of “Heroes” as the character Emma. Her character is deaf, but discovers that she has the ability to see sound-which looks like an aurora borealis. Deanne’s first episode will air on September 28th.

Official Site:

Original Air Date: September 28, 2009 (Season 4, Episode 3)

Airs Next: NBC at Mondays, 7:00 PM (60 min.)

Original Network/Channel: NBC

Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi

Plot Outline: After battling the Company to keep an explosion from destroying New York, and averting a global pandemic, the heroes adjust to new stages in their lives. Former cheerleader Claire takes on college life, Hiro and Ando continue to try to help people by utilizing their abilities, Angela worries that Nathan will realize the truth about who he really is, and Peter is called upon to help an old friend. Meanwhile the arrival of the mysterious carnival clan keeps people guessing. But the heroes will once again be called upon to save the world.

Signmark – Speakerbox

Posted in Deaf, music by Robs on March 12, 2009


With the whole world watching me,
I stare back. Take action. Nobody stopping me
D, is for desire. Fire burns so heavily
My heart pumps rhythm, my soul is the melody.
I came a long way and gave it my all.
I know ya quick with the criticism. Ya’ll wait on my fall?
I can’t hear what you say to me,
when only supportive words come from a fortune cookie.
People fear what they can’t comprehend.
A deaf man paints lyrics in the air by waving his hands.
Damn, what’s next, right? Movies for blind?
Well, your mind is sharp as a butter knife.
It’s not just music, more like a movement.
You call it a joke, but we’re steadily proving
There ain’t no limit to what dreams can do.
You can do more with what life hands you

Just let your soul be your speakerbox
You got the keys right in your hand
Open the locks and do your thing
Let your soul be a speakerbox
There’s beat in your heart, you’ll find a way, to make it play

Ayo I live in the rhythm and it lives in me
Always one with the beat, breaking the boundaries
As long as the beat kicks, it’s all fine
I’m feeling the vibe from the bassline
The motion, the movement. Can you feel it? We’re grooving
Reporting live from the frontline
We carry the torch for the ones who’re scared to shine

Just let your soul be your speakerbox
You got the keys right in your hand
Open the locks and do your thing
Let your soul be a speakerbox
There’s beat in your heart, just let it play

One thing I know is for definite
Soul, body and mind, you got the same benefits
If you trust your heart, there ain’t no way of losing it
Keep doing your thing, against all etiquettes.
10, 9, 8, start the countdown
7, 6, 5, about to go down
4, 3, 2, 1, sing along now

refrain (2x)

This Video/Song and all rights associated with it are the property of Signmark.

Signmark – Our Life

Posted in Deaf, music by Robs on March 12, 2009

Signmark, the first deaf rapper, is changing the world by rapping in sign language. He doesn’t shy away from taking a stand on human rights and tolerance.

Our Life

(featuring Brandon)

26.6. the day I was born

I learned to speak in a whole entire different form

my parents didn’t budge, the fact I couldn’t speak

instead, embraced me with care, signs they started to teach

back in my school times, life felt far from fair

kids got curious, gave me the daily stare

they couldn’t understand, why am I using my hands?

never asked for sympathy, on my two I stand

never got fed­up, always kept my head up

few times got knocked down but my pride made me get up

I couldn’t speak, but that didn’t make me weak,

I only got stronger when they ridiculed week after week


it’s about time for you to open your eyes, open your mind

it’s there for you to find, no longer time to decline

the jokes are on you, so what’s it gonna be

this is our life unheard and as you’ve never seen

as I got older, made it to the university

even though the rest doubted. No one believed in me

slowly the attitudes changed, my life is re­arranged

people no longer looked at me as I was strange

could you believe, that not until – 95

the rights of deaf man in law was not identified

but now sign language was our native tongue

so even my father could now show where he’s coming from

he used to tell me if he got caught using he’s hands

the teacher would take those hands and, give them a good “wham”

docs drilling holes in our head tryin’ to be heroes

but if you look into their eyes you can see the sign of euros

but really they don’t care

they just trying to make a profit, out of makin’ the deaf hear

(yeah)Implants and wires, let ’em know we tired

how the hell that gon’ change us and make us admired?


damn right we can’t hear, But I don’t care

we ain’t disabled here, I use sign language yeah

we got our own language yeah, Proud of that I am

we got our own culture yeah, I’m bi­cultured here

we got our own history yeah, I’m part of history

we got our own society, this is my community


This Video/Song and all rights associated with it are the property of Signmark.

Deaf Comic: Tattooed Back

Posted in cartoon, Deaf by Robs on August 10, 2008

One of Deaf artist Matt Daigle’s cartoons is amazing. It is about someone not knowing you are deaf and talking behind you at a gym locker room. The best solution is that a tattooed message on your back. The cartoon is very funny! See below…

For further information, please visit Matt Daigle’s blog: That Deaf Cartoonist. Matt’s cartoons are deaf-related humor and generic humor.

Deaf character in the movie “After Image”

Posted in Deaf, movie by Robs on September 23, 2007

I bought and watched the DVD “After Image,” because I was curious to watch the deaf actress was acting in the film.  It was Terrylene.  She has appeared on television’s “Beauty and the Beast” and on-screen in “Natural Born Killers.”  Terrylene and John Mellencamp (hearing actor) communicated through American Sign Language in any conversation in this film.  I think the plot of the movie “After Image” was not bad!

DVD Release Date: August 2, 2005

Cast: John Mellencamp, Terrylene, Louise Fletcher

Director: Robert Manganelli

Producers: Arnold Rifkin, Robert Sturm

Screenwriters: Robert Manganelli, Tony Schillaci

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment

Genre: Thriller

MPAA Rating: R for violent images, nudity and some language.

Synopsis: In this shocking thriller, psychic (Laura Terrylene) falls in love with an alluring crime photographer (John Mellencamp). Soon, the pair find themselves in a dangerous hunt for a crazed killer! Will Laura’s extrasensory abilities help them to save themselves and the imminent victims, or will the risk to their lives prove to be too great?

Signmark: Deaf Rapper

Posted in Deaf, music by Robs on July 23, 2007

My friend mentions Marko “Signmark” Vuoriheimo, and he is a Deaf rapper from Finland. I ask my friend the question, “is Signmark a singer?”  Yeah, Signmark rhymes signs by ensuring that they have the same types of hand forms and signs. I check out Signmark’s official website and watch video clips. The sign-language music videos impress me!


European music scene has got a new star from the faraway north: SIGNMARK from Finland. This dude has got the attitude and style so unique no one can beat him! The secret of his success is Sign Language. The band is formed by Signmark, DJ sulava and MC mahtotapa. The leader figure, Signmark himself is born Deaf and sings with his hands. MC mahtotapa is a hearing singer who sings out loud the songs.

Signmark chose bass-filled hip hop as his genre, because for the Deaf bass tones are the most natural way to experience music. They don’t have to hear it. They can feel it.

The debut album consists eight songs. What makes it so special? The songs are in two forms: audio (music) and visual (videos). Music can be heard on the CD and the videos can be seen on the DVD. This way Signmark can entertain both Deaf and hearing audience! The songs are mostly in Finnish and Finnish Sign Language, but one song is completely in English, featuring the famous Finnish hip hop artist Brandon and signed in American Sign Language. For international audience it won’t be a problem to follow the music: on the DVD extra section you can find English translation for the songs!

The Finnish media has been very interested in this sensational new artist: most national TV channels have interviewed him, newspapers and magazines have published articles about him and the debut album has been praised by the reviewers. It has been chosen as The Album of the Week by the popular Finnish radio channel YleX. Also MTV Nordic has paid attention to the band. To put it simply: man, this guy is HOT!

For further information, please visit:

Source: Press release by Signmark

YouTube: Trailer: SIGNMARK DVD/CD-album

Finnish deaf rapper Signmark has released an internationally unique sign language hip hop music DVD (includes CD). The album combines music, video and sign language rhyming.

Signmark has his own profile of MySpace, and MySpace URL is

Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia online): Signmark

Signmark’s Official Website:

My Article…

Posted in article, Deaf by Robs on May 7, 2007

Hearing students and professors at the Austin Community College (ACC) asked me the two common questions: Is American Sign Language universal? Why did I use the capital “D”? I decided to write the article about the Deaf community to educate the hearing community at the ACC. The title is Using the Capital “D”: The Linguistic and Cultural Minority Group. The Accent is Austin Community College’s Student Newspaper. The Accent published my article on April 27, 2007.

Click here to read my article from Accent Online.