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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye DVDs

Posted in Deaf, TV by Robs on January 19, 2010

Episode Listing for DVDs
Season One

•    101/102 – Pilot
•    103 – Bombs Away
•    104 – Assassins
•    105 – A Snitch In Time
•    106 – The Signing
•    107 – Blast From The Past
•    108 – Silent Night
•    109 – Greed
•    110 – Diplomatic Immunity
•    111 – Dirty Bomb
•    112 – The Heist

Bonus Material
•    Inspirational Message from Deanne Bray
•    Special Commentary from the Show’s Creators

This 3 DVD set (11 episodes) includes the Christmas episode!
To order in the United States, go to here or type
In Canada, call 1-800-682-8748 (v)
All episodes are closed-captioned
And you can watch into your browser
them for the first time in widescreen!

If these DVDs sell well, then other episodes can be released.

FYI – these DVDs are Region 1 (USA and Canada)

Enjoy the DVDs – and spread the word!

Classic TV Movie “…And Your Name Is Jonah”

Posted in Deaf, film, TV by Robs on September 30, 2009

Bernard Bragg coached deaf nine-year-old Jeff Bravin in the title role

Bernard Bragg coached deaf nine-year-old Jeffrey Bravin in the title role

At the ACC ASL Lab, ASL students are required watching the movie “…And Your Name Is Jonah” for their deaf culture report.  I saw the students weeping after watching the movie. That is where I work at.  I strongly recommend anyone who doesn’t know about the deaf culture to watch this movie.  I admit that I do not watch this movie because it was not provided the closed captioning.

and your name is jonah

Release Date: January 28, 1979

Cast: James Woods, Sally Struthers, Titos Vandis, Penny Santon

Director: Richard Michaels

Writer: Michael Bortman

Studio: CBS-TV Production

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 1:34:58

Synopsis: Jonah (Jeffrey Bravin) is a lonely deaf child who has been misdiagnosed as retarded.  Jonah’s mother (Sally Struthers) and father (James Woods) struggle to establish communication from their withdrawn son.  As the specialists shake their heads and cluck their tongues, Jonah’s parents finally manage to teach the child sign language, thereby opening up his world both intellectually and emotionally.  And Your Name is Jonah is proof enough that Sally Struthers once had potential for greatness, and confirmation that James Woods was on the right artistic track as early as 1979.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Deanne Bray Joins NBC’s “Heroes”

Posted in Deaf, TV by Robs on September 26, 2009

Deaf actress, Deanne Bray, joins the cast of “Heroes” as the character Emma. Her character is deaf, but discovers that she has the ability to see sound-which looks like an aurora borealis. Deanne’s first episode will air on September 28th.

Official Site:

Original Air Date: September 28, 2009 (Season 4, Episode 3)

Airs Next: NBC at Mondays, 7:00 PM (60 min.)

Original Network/Channel: NBC

Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi

Plot Outline: After battling the Company to keep an explosion from destroying New York, and averting a global pandemic, the heroes adjust to new stages in their lives. Former cheerleader Claire takes on college life, Hiro and Ando continue to try to help people by utilizing their abilities, Angela worries that Nathan will realize the truth about who he really is, and Peter is called upon to help an old friend. Meanwhile the arrival of the mysterious carnival clan keeps people guessing. But the heroes will once again be called upon to save the world.

Deaf Actress in the New TV Series

Posted in Deaf, TV by Robs on August 23, 2006

Deaf actress Shoshannah Stern has been cast in a new CBS series called Jericho.  She will play one of the townspeople cut off from the rest of the world after a mysterious nuclear chain reaction rocks the country.  The role was not intended for a deaf actress but Stern impressed the show’s executives, with producer Jon Turteltaub calling Stern an amazing actress who not only gets better and better, but also gets prettier and prettier in every scene.

Official Site:

Premiered: September 20, 2006 (Season 1, Episode 1)

Airs Next: CBS at Wednesday 8:00 PM (60 min.)

Original Network/Channel: CBS

Genre: Drama

Plot Outline: A small Kansas town struggles with life after a nuclear attack destroys America.

Deaf Fighter in “The Ultimate Fighter 3”

Posted in Deaf, TV by Robs on June 7, 2006

This show sounds like interesting. The hearing people aren’t educated enough about Deaf Culture to understand what is going on and why they are not getting along.

Matt Hamill, Deaf fighter, comes to The Ultimate Fighter 3 with an incredible athletic resume. The 2004 inductee in the Division III Wrestling Hall of Fame was the first U.S. wrestler to win gold medals in freestyle and Greco-Roman competition in the 1997 World Games for the Deaf. The three-time NCAA National Champion attended the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester. Matt has been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Faces in the Crowd and was featured on the cover of NCAA News as a junior at RIT. In 1997, he was named USA Deaf Sports Federation Athlete of the Year. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Matt is a graduate of Loveland High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

TV Channel: Spike TV

New episode every Thursday at 9:00 PM.